Distance Chart in
Kolkata (Esplanade) - Mandarmoni
Kanthi - Mandarmoni
Chawlkhola - Mandarmoni
Kharagpur - Mandarmoni
Mecheda - Mandarmoni
Digha - Mandarmoni
How to reach

By rail: The nearest rail station is at Kanthi. The train from Howrah/ Santragachi starts in the morning and returns in the afternoon. the one-way running time is about 3 hrs-10 min. The tourists are to move by bus to Chawlkhola More, then by local transport (Shared trekkers coming from Contai) to Mandarmoni sea-beach.

By road: Plenty of luxury/ ordinary buses ply from different places in Kolkata to Digha. The passengers are to get down at Chawlkhola More after Contai (Kanthi) and then move by local transport to Mandarmoni. The tourists may also get down at Contai and get the shared taxis (Trekkers). The trekkers start from the Co-operative Bank at Contai. It is cheaper and convenient. Total journey time takes about 4.5 hours.

Sketch map showing the principal roads of Purba Medinipur leading to Mandarmoni and Digha
Road condition as of May 2008: The road upto Chawlkhola More is good. But thereafter about 10 KM stretch of village road needs to be repaired and smoothened urgently by the local authority. Work is going on.